Inspiring Inspires!!

After deliberating about the idea of: to-blog or not-to-blog, I have finally decided to do it. For long I have been reading blogs and articles from various sources – liking them and getting inspired from them to keep moving and learning. Most of the times I read about software testing and associated topics, but there are many topics that catch my attention beyond testing too. However, as I gathered knowledge and happiness of being able to understand some more aspects of life on my way to reading blogs written by leaders respected in their field and also their lesser known colleagues, I realized that as much as it makes me happy to read something totally new or a new perspective on a not so new topic, it surely makes the author happier to know that she/he is enlightening so many more brains and hearts.

This thought that – Inspiring others can actually inspire your own self became more of an experience to me, when I wrote a couple of articles that got published and I spoke at few conferences. I could see the little impact I made to a handful of folks connected to me directly. Blogging would help me reach out to a broader set of people – whom I can learn from and who can learn from me. Thus the start!!

I love reading about new things and perspectives and innovations. Here, I shall share my knowledge that I gather and experiences that I learn from and perspectives that I bring in about topics that interest me. But it will always remain incomplete without hearing back – what you learnt and what is your perspective on the thought.

It will inspire me more than anyone else, if I could inspire you.

Truly – Inspiring Inspires!!


2 thoughts on “Inspiring Inspires!!

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Smita!

  2. Thanks Abhinandan.

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