5 Terms never heard in a small town

I come from a small town, studied in a mid size city and then moved on to a Metro city post marriage. Though I am well traveled (within my country) and have stayed for varying period of 6 months to 5 years at various places. My longest stay has been in this Metro city (Delhi, India) where I have now stayed around 10 years.

I am spending this week at my parent’s place and was noticing the life at this place, that still remains simpler, comparitively. Things have evolved from the time when I used to know this place correctly. Back then I used to see so many familiar faces, now it has reduced. However, even now when I step out and see the same shops run by same folks, and they still recognize me (thanks to my doctor brothers who stay around and keep in touch with ppl), it gives me a sense of stability and belongingness. I am obviously in love with this place, with the narrow lanes and smiling faces, new buildings and old people.

At tea time today I began to wonder about this topic, that I first thought of, when I was about to begin this trip. I was already comparing my part of life spent here earlier, to the one I spend there in Delhi, even before I reached here. Many differences came to my mind from the social cultural perspective. And that led me to think what was it that was truly different. May be it was Lifestyle, maybe it was mindsets, may be economic parity and maybe priorities in life. Truly, this blog isnt about any serious outcomes of my thoughts. This is more about a a little funny side of it.

I thought of few terms frequently used in one city that was unheard of in another. These are the 5 terms I heard only after I moved out to a big city. And I want to share these with you.

1. VIP movement

I had rarely seen what we call here as “VIP” Movement. When a person with VIP status is moving on road and the traffic is held for common man in order to give a free access to the VIP for his/her destination. Initially, it used to amuse me and then it began to disturb me and now it just gives me time to look around at other frowning faces frustrated due to the unexpected, unplanned delay that were not informed of, in advance.

2. Window Shopping

At my parents place, we always went to market only when we had a need to buy something and we always had a list to adhere to. I didnt knew what window shopping was. My friends introduced me to this term. What I understood of it was – we go to big beautiful shops in swanky malls and look at what they have to offer and check their products , their rates etc. knowing fully well we are not going to buy any of it. Some of us made use of it by looking at potential stuff we might bring in future. It was fun and at times interesting but something I could never get used to or approve of as a time pass activity.

3. Happy Weekend

Weekends are a special time and they are celebrated in a unique way – with lot of planning , this is something I learnt when I started working in this big city. Back home, weekends only meant – longer hours of sleep, and watching some favourite TV programs with family. Maybe also finishing that one long pending task  like cleaning rooms, arranging books. Very few weekends were something we looked forward to as events, or planned about. Most of them were plain and simple.

4. Zero Tolerance Zone

Now this was something I noticed written on a board in front of a house and thereafter noticed it around multiple places.  Later, I realized that house was Vice President’s official residence. So there are certain sensitive areas where there is no fault / mistake of any nature tolerated. But as far as I could understand it more implies to traffic mistakes than others though others not excluded.

5. Play school admission interviews

First hand experience of this. Never heard or seen in my hometown. But had to go through this during my kids school admissions.

This is something I hear inconsistent thoughts about it now – some face it some dont.

Did you have any such differential experience that you may wish to share? New words, new trends that  you learnt or got to see when you went to a new place.


11 thoughts on “5 Terms never heard in a small town

  1. Wonderful blog…so true. Other things which I can think are traffic challans/ helmet for the pillion rider/ seat belts etc…

  2. Such a warm article. Could not help smiling and feeling nostalgic. 🙂 Well written.

  3. Metros are: Chill; Awesome – everything, everyone is awesome for the faded jeans; Cool it: Chat with no purpose; People – nameless, faceless; Neighbour – what does it stand for; Aggressiveness especailly on the road; Pushing, Jostling, Pinching; I, Me, Mine; and yet the good people prevail and the GOD prevades.

    Smita, It is time that you should think of changing your profession from an IT techie entrepenure to a writer, an author. You are doing good.


  4. Very good blog Smita, it reminds me of good old childhood days..

  5. Such a warm post Smita 🙂
    Keep writing. You have a style of your own!

  6. Now first time I learnt that life is more than testing. Emotional, sensual and true.

  7. good one….
    ‘Window Shopping’ & ‘Happy Weekend’ really strikes me… totally agree.

    VIP movement etc may also happen in villages, small town when these politicians r visiting there ….once in 5 yrs for sure 😉

    Another big diff I still find is in my native place, it is only doctors for whom we take appointments. In metros even to meet friends, relatives…people take appointments before visiting them….

  8. I have spent a lost of my grown-up or aware time in a Metro, so I can not really comment on how someone from a small town would percveive these things. But, I have travelled quite a bit to other Metros and big and small towns. I used to love the small town life more since you always felt it to be more relaxing and peaceful. I still remember my visits to Allahabad, my stay in Raipur and Kota during my childhood.

    Gradually I have been realizing that life is becoming the same everywhere….complex and unforgiving. I now feel that there are so many things which are common for us Indian across the cities. Some of them are a result of loss of innocence of our lives. I am just listing them not in any priority:

    1. Lack of Empathy – we never stop to help others, and accident victim or anyone…I have been guilty few times
    2. Impatience – I have been noticing this in small towns as well. Everyone is in a rush…no time
    3. Pollution – Its everywhere…may be more in small cities now
    4. Political interference – Well if you are an Indian….you are political
    5. Beauraucracy – Sahib is the king….more so in small towns…..but is present everywhere
    6. Big malls – Without any care for traffic sense, aesthetics and culture of the place
    7. Festivities – Even the God wud fear us Indians celebrating him….
    8. General lack of civic sense – Be it roads, malls, airports….anywhere….we behave like zombies
    9. Corruption – Only the scale differs
    10. Rapes and crimes – Everywhere….and lastly
    11. Excuses – which we always have and are ready with…

    Still we have the Hope….which keeps us going somehow…at least it keeps me going.

    But yes, the biggest relief in small towns is that you can still gossip about your neighbours on the dinner table….you know so much about them.

  9. Thanks all for your kind words and best wishes…all feedbacks and participaton through sharing your views are so much appreciated. Am blessed to have friends like you. Thanks to all the fellow bloggers for liking my blog. Thanks all for encouraging me. My best wishes to all of you!!

  10. very interesting for me to read about your world…from australia

  11. Thnks for liking my blog. Yes, India is very different than Australia. But what surprises me is that life here in India is also different from one place to another. Hence the blog on few new terms i heard after i came to New Delhi, India from a small town.

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