Say Yes to yourself!!

Uncertainties of modern life are causing tremendous stress on ones mental and physical state. Trying to keep up with the pace at which world is changing gets very demanding on us. But all of this is for a cause-  don’t we all want to make it big in this world. Don’t we all fancy a huge fan following and getting popular and most importantly making an impact to this world in our own big or small ways – So that we are not forgotten so easily and are not redundant to the ones we care about and to the ones we feel important about.

We all live by some personal principles which we would follow under ideal circumstances and if all decisions were left to us. However, our need to be needed gets demanding quite often causing conflicts in our thoughts and actions –  as we sacrifice our principles more often than its prescribed for a healthy mind in order to be accepted or to avoid conflict(s) externally.

And no, before we assume that this means we are living life completely wrong, lets also face the reality – that in the game of life there are certain rules you have to play by. So its obvious, that even if you want – you can’t always do what you think is right, sometimes you have to give in, in favor of masses or practical solutions or social pressure or happiness of a loved one or for the words of a respected one.

Every step we take is an outcome of a decision box we go through. Like a typical decision box – there are 2 out comes – Yes and No. Yes- symbolizes you took the decision in line with your inner voice and principles of life. No – symbolizes you took the decision against your own thoughts but for a reasonable reason (atleast as per you).

All I suggest you to do is keep measuring with every decision you take , how many Yes’s and and how many No’s do you score in one day. Make it a practice, to measure it everyday for a month and then see your average score. And if you are getting more NOs than YESs , you know you are moving towards leading an unfulfilled life and a regretful end. In which case, you may want to consciously take decisions which are more YESs in a day than NOs. If your YESs are more than NOs – you are already on path to a satisfied life.

Truly speaking, there is nothing more important than real happiness that makes your life feel fulfilled and satisfied. Your heart always knows what is good for you and what is right.

Anything good in life is worth fighting for!! Be brave, try following your heart and saying Yes to yourself more often. Happy life is worth it!!

Good luck and God bless you!!
Feel free to share your typical YES decisions , your YES / NO counts for the day and any improvement you could make? How did you feel after you started to see more YESs than NOs – consistently in your daily life.

5 thoughts on “Say Yes to yourself!!

  1. Great Article ! Simple way to get practice oneself into some kind of discipline. However a decision point has a ‘don’t know’ apart from “yes” or “no”.
    In my experience, I have always found people struggling with the “don’t know” part. Affirmation is easier said than done. Also the “don’t know” turns into affirmation only in hind sight (Remember Steve jobs quote : We can always connect dots in hind sight, not so much in fore sight)

    • Thanks Pradeep. Very good point. And i agree with you that “Dont Know: is a very common outcome and i would like to respond to your thought this ways – if your heart doesnt know what to do – one should take time and then do what your soul tells you to do instead of pushing for a decision ignoring what your inner self says.

  2. Can we link this blog to the next one… seems that if one leads his life the way he wants to, he should be happy. In the very next blog the mood has changed. You talk about things that are going to make one sad..

    anyways, saying yes or no to a decision is based on so many factors which are external to you, since a man lives his life with the society and cannot isolate himslef while taking his calls. May be you should listed to all, gain each perspective and decide for yourself, if possible.

    • Thanks Manish for the comment. Gla you read my blogs.Actually the message in both the articles are same. The idea in this blog is to stand for your self and do what you think is right. Taking into consideration the various influencing factors is the basic process of decision making. But after considering all the factors if one’s soul says that he / she should go with decision A, they should respect themselves and go with it instead of going against your own decisions all the time. Whether a decision makes you happy or not is secondary. But its important to feel that you have the freedom to make your decisions and the choice to go with it.

  3. Very impressive.Have a wonderful new year.jalal

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