10 ways to be forever sad

Here are some amazing ways to keep yourself sad – some of it you may be doing , some of it you may have seen your loved ones doing it. Learn few more tips to attain your favourite state of mind – Being SAD.  Never Change any of these that you do and further more never encourage others around you who do this, to change.

  • Speak Lies for no good reason – even when there is no threat to anyone’s lives
  • Never do anything for others – compassion is for the weaker ones !! Always focus only on your life –  I , me and myself are the only people to care for.

Barely there yet  

  • Be late to bed and late to rise – what can we do – part of modern day lifestyle – dont worry , I understand you are forced to do it – you have no choice to choose your timings. Keep doing it.
  • Never do anything on time – don’t meet your appointments, don’t respect your body clock and never respect other’s time – it’s a crime!!
  • Believe in external forces – Always look for happiness as a return gift from others – Dont be happy for your kids, life, parents, education, perfectly moving limbs, sky above or stars in it, trees around or birds on it – thats ridiculous – happiness comes from somewhere else always – never from within ; also, make sure you truly believe that others are the cause of the misery you are going through . Unlike happiness, which is a gift and you have the right of refusal for acceptance , your pain is a genetic gift, YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT IT from the one who is passing on the pain genes to you- glad you understood this.
  • Overspend – spend more than what you earn. But more importantly, don’t keep a tab on your income and expenses (never maintain your log – how much you spent on what or what  money you took from or gave to others )

Am getting bigger   

  • Dont trust anyone – no one’s worth it!!
  • Live in past : Keep playing in your mind your happy times – that are long over. Keep playing the bad times in your mind too – multiple times. Re- live the moments – build the pain inside – one time wasnt good enough.
  • Do this to others – “Shut up and Listen to me” : I am the only one who speaks the truth. There is no such thing as perspective, or opinions or benefit of doubts. Nor there is anything called “Absolute Truth” and if there is some absolute truth – it is what I speak.
  • Give free advice – unasked for –  it doesn’t cost to ramble – so why bother. Whoever in mess, whatever the mess – give your thoughts – doesn’t cost anyone anything. Trust me – there is no such thing as inner personal circle of an individual – spouse or friends – go , tell them how you think they should handle their lives.

Finally there – Absolute Sadness           

I promise you my friend – sadness can not run away from you till you are practicing anyone of the above. Try doing them all – that will take you to the Nirvana state of sadness – better term – Absolute Sadness – no one will ever be able to pull you out of your state, as hard as they may try :))))) sorry – wrong smileys – :((((((((

13 thoughts on “10 ways to be forever sad

  1. Why this? Hope everything is fine…..I thought you are there to spread happiness not allow people to grow sad…..

    • I believe the method used in this article is called “reverse psychology”. It shows the negative causes and effects of being sad, thus, it invites us to be rather happy by avoiding the tips that we’re given.

      It’s a clever, significant and helpful post. Good job!

      • Thanks June for your comment. Very glad you liked it. And this is indeed workng on the theory of reverse psychology. I liked your posts which are random but very interesting and your page seems full of life – keep posting the good stuff.

    • This article is little spoofy and satirical in nature. However hard people wish to be happy when it comes to working towards it – doing anything new seems challenging. So here, the idea is to make people realize what they can stop doing in their lives in order to lessen their sadness and loneliness. In turn it can increase the happiness quotient of one’s life and that too without trying to add a new task or practice.

    • Thanks for your comment. Glad you read it!!

  2. ..and these bad habits can be as contagious as a yawn…or a smile to the ones around us. Great post Ms. Mishra!

    • Thanks Andy for your comment. Very glad you liked it. You have an interesting blog too. I love reading through your blogs!! And yes bad habits are contagious – i am 100% with you on this.

  3. Science knows a thing called ‘the law of reverse effect’. Perhaps this article is based on it. If you wantonly try to be sad, it is possible you may find yourself happy. Interesting article.

  4. Very good and ‘helpfool’ post. I wish you get nominated for No-Bell Prize for your valuable research in the field of “Applied-Sadness”. Good luck. !! 😀

  5. Great post, and so true… you know, in reverse. I especially agree with the “external forces” excuse people use to justify being UNhappy. I don’t get it; it’s so much easier to find justification in being happy! Finding blame for unhappiness is too much work. Maybe I’m just lazy… 🙂

  6. Lol, I certainly got your satire. You are so right, when we try do Hard to be happy, the opposite happens. All in all though, I think sometimes we simply try too hard. As much as we have advanced in technology it’s as if we’ve stepped 10 steps behind! Don’t get me wrong, technology made some GREAT breakthroughs, it’s just when we overdo it we run into overkill.

    Lovely post!

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