Obituary – 2012

As we witness so many unnatural deaths across the globe, lets mourn the death of few noted ones who were blessed by our Gods for Eternal lives. However, we humans, managed to kill few of them brutally and some of us, are making sure that every attempt to revive their lives are also crushed down.

Lets pay our homage to the ones below and finally accept the reality, that they are dead and are no more amongst us. All of these surprisingly belong to the one big family of Humanity:

  • Humanity – Brutal assault in our so called civilized world is really not something humans can do.
  • Shame  – We killed shame when we molested and raped our beautiful and innocent women.
  • Courage – We killed our courage by letting our fellow citizens suffer.
  • Fraternal Love – Non tolerance of one race or religion by other had long threatened to kill the fraternal love. But was insignificant while a handful were involved – Political leaders, terrorists etc. Now when civilians open fire on other communities , we know we lost the battle.
  • Love for children – When 3 yr old is raped by a man in 30s – husband of the play school owner where the tiny tot used to go to learn to be a better human and when we open fire and kill 20 little lives of 5 to 10 yr olds, we know we murdered our love for children. We failed to protect them and give them a life (am not talking about a better life – I am talking about basic surviving).
  • Chivalry – Chivalry was long dead – seriously – for as long as I can remember, I never experienced it though occasionally, we came across some chivalrous men.  But , with recent events of leaders of the highest ranks from important offices of IMF or PMOs of diff nations or Presidents or sports leaders doing what they are, treating women as commodities and sex objects – And with the common man resorting to domestic violence (physical and mental) tells us , chivalry has breathed its last. Chivalry is not trying to own the lives of others it is more of being generous and respectful and caring.
  • Souls – It will take a generation to  recover – that is if we did recover. We have stigmatized victims instead of criminals and pushed women to compromise with the very people that have hurt them. Women who pampered their sons way too much and grew them into insensitive men and taught their daughters that they are lesser than their brothers and husbands have eventually killed the souls inside us.

Any more deaths that we need to mourn?


3 thoughts on “Obituary – 2012

  1. Yes, you are right in saying that so many aspects of humanity are dead or we are trying our best to kill. Yet, the humanity is alive, breathing and generating life. If it was not so, you wouldn’t have written this piece. The aberrations make news, but aberrations are not the rules.

    If we had become totally insensitive then the nation, especially the youth, wouldn’t have reacted the way they did to the latest gang rape case. In this vain, I would like to add that we the older lot waste no time in berating our youth for the lack of values, but see who is ready to take the burden, face the police, and yet register anonymous protest.

    Now that I am at it, I would like to add that it is fashionable to criticize the Police. They are mandated to carry out a piece of unpleasant job. Should they abandon that?

    Humanity prevails, and shall continue to do so. May the tribe of people like you grow, flourish, motivate others and keep showing the light.

    Jai Hind.

  2. I guess we are missing big time on “Thoughts”. Our thoughts or for that matter thinking power or rhetorically speaking ‘mind-set’ has stopped moving forward. We can find a lot of neo pseudo intellect e-activists but rarely one in real world. Not to blame individuals; may be we have made ourselves complacent and adapted to the viral surroundings. Its an irony that India Inc. has been blessed with maximum number of ‘Thought Leaders’ globally who have taken organization to great heights, but sadly none in the societal arena. If we consider ourselves as the ‘Human Technologies’ or ‘Human Products’, can we not think of bringing a ‘breakthrough’ or ‘differentiation’. We should understand that we have become stagnant and towards a decline. We need to differentiate now.


  3. WELL SAID. See, just as I say, you really bring to life the truth many are scared of bringing out. For too long, too darn long do we overlook problems and sweep them under the carpet. I love people who speak the truth for what it is and you’ve been excellent at it.

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