A memorable visit to Maha Kumbh : Largest gathering on Earth

Finally, I am back to my blog. Just so you are not confused, I came back from the MahaKumbh way back but I just never came back to post my updates. So here they are.

I had originally planned to write so much about it but now I think I wont write my thoughts. Instead – let me show you what I saw there and let you find your own like or not for it. I may, if time permits, write more in detail about my experiences but for now – enjoy some visuals and let me know if you like these.






















Maha Kumbh Pics

Honestly – just like its difficult to express in words – any of your favourite places where you realize you breathe also, it will be difficult for me to describe the feeling. Did I like it – yes. Will I go there again – very likely. Will I recommend others to go – Yes, but only with proper preparations.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I enjoyed it. But I do realize that I was amongst the few priviledged ones to enjoy it the way I did. It can indeed be a little pain for those who have no local connects or know how of in-roads.

Feel free to enquire for any details about the visit. Will be glad to help.


4 thoughts on “A memorable visit to Maha Kumbh : Largest gathering on Earth

  1. …glad you mentioned at the start only that you came back from there long back.. otherwise I was worried how long will it take to wash away sins @ MahaKumbh πŸ™‚

    jokes apart… good that u hv experienced it. I’ve been to Prayag once but not during Kumbh.. and that too when I was 6-7 yr kid. I would love to visit there again… and will surely inquire you for all the details….

  2. Hey Smita, this is indeed the happening moments that you have captured.
    Though, i have never been there, but surely will take guidance from you when i plan to visit.
    Keep on the postings. πŸ™‚
    Anurag Singhal

  3. Picture can speak thousand words…good collection!

  4. Smita, Thanks for posting some nice pictures which depict the event. However, despite the saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, honestly speaking I find your words more powerful. You have af great story-telling sense and style. You make things come alive and make the reader move and feel with you. I do understand that that this piece has been inordinately delayed as you have been rather busy with your business at hand. Hoping that you do manage to find some time

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