Going beyond “I have an idea” – a rigorous design of your experiment

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The first step to your experiment is usually an idea. Either you or someone at your startup has an idea, which you want to determine is a good one or not. Having tried a framework to experiment your ideas, I’d say the crucial firs step is designing the experiment.

Brainstorming the idea over a casual conversation is usually the first step. The tendency among most startup oriented people is to complicate it and think of all the edge cases and 100% coverage, which is why documenting all the ideas is important.

This documentation need not be long drawn out or format, but needs to be written down.

The best way to do this is to continue using your multi-user messaging solution as before – Slack or HipChat, or Google docs suffices.

To design your experiment, you need to write down the 3 most important aspects of it.


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