Get healthy in 1 step…really!!

I am going to share with you my biggest mistake regarding my health that I committed and am now trying to fix it. I have begun to feel better ever since I took that 1 step towards my health and am hopeful this will help you to identify if you are falling trap to this mistake/myth/habit/illusion – whatever you may call it and if this could eventually pose a health challenge to you too.
Here is my story – I have forever been a slim person and was one of those people blessed with magical metabolism that would digest the right things and detox my body of unwanted things.
And I am pretty sure, a lot of you are blessed with good health that you take for granted. Well, there are reasons (beyond hospital bills & insurance premiums) why its said that Health is Wealth.
smita (2)
So lets hear it- straight from the horse’s mouth – what is my point that I am driving you to?
Slim is fit: This was my mistake – I believed that I am fit since I was always a slim person and with not much extra flab to shed. Well, the truth is Fit is Fit. Slim is NOT fit. Slim is not as dangerous as obese but being slim doesn’t signify the status of your health in anyway other than that you are not obese.

I realized this more as I stepped into my 33rd year as human on the planet. Until then I abused my healthy blessing to no ends by eating wrong….eating at wrong hours…. Countless chocolates, softdrinks as much as I pleased. I seriously didnt have any fixed timings for food. If you are thinking I am going to say – Nothing can be more wrong than this, here is the worse thing – Even with what little meals I ate – I never ate what I should. I ate mindlessly.  And for a long time I was okay (like I said – for 33 years) – my body could handle all the abuse and kept releasing digestive enzymes on my command and never acting like it was upset at me for being a complete mismatch for its expectations and needs.

And then I slowly saw the signs. I started to get tired, used to feel irritated, started to look dull. I still didnt care as much. Specially since I wasnt particularly suffering from any specific disease. I knew I could someday reverse these “temporary issues” with healthy eating habit and fitness regime and having a routine. Something I knew but I never did. Soon, I fractured my right leg quite effortlessly with just a not so jerky twist. I began to have pains in my bones. I couldn’t wear high heels as much as I enjoyed them.Yet – I didnt pay heed. I was as ignorant as one can be towards ones body.
But then I started to have massive hairfall. And this was heart breaking. I couldnt take it. I also knew – it might be something that has reached out of my control and I cant easily reverse it. This was when I started to regret my doings.

On SOS basis – I put my health on priority. I made sure I dont skip meals – as busy or angry or mad I am due to any reason – I will have my minimum 3 meals a day and at as fixed a time, as I possibly can work around. But there is something I did that truly had a midas touch effect on me.
milkAny guesses what is that one thing that can help you fix most of your health issues, besides having a fixed routine for eating and exercises? MILK. Seriously. Specially if you are pure a vegetarian like me, you have to have a glass of milk everyday. Its funny I am writing this blog at a time when people around me are talking about Women’s Horlicks -because I started taking women’s horlicks regularly since last year. And I am strictly NOT endorsing them. But it has worked for me.

My hair loss significantly reduced- milk protein and calcium has visible benefits on skin and hair – and body overall. My body pains have almost vanished. Even my toothache has reduced – not sure if its related but other than increasing my milk intake, I havent changed anything in my diet, hence building the inference. And I think better calcium intake could have helped my teeth too.

I can’t reverse or stop my aging or the health issues that will come with it. But I am glad I took charge of my health while things were still in control.

Take that 1 step in your life. Add a glass of milk to your diet. If you are one of those that dont like packed milk, go farm fresh -try Farmagic. I love the taste of fresh cow milk they send.Its a feel good factor, if i take it with health supplement (more of calcium, which my body needs) – you can take it with any health supplement you like. Eat regularly and exercise.

Test your fitness

  1. An average adult should do 30 minutes brisk walking, or walk 10,000 steps daily. Try doing this – you will know how good your health is.
  2. Look at your hairfall – is it normal?
  3. After your day long of office or household work – when you lay down – how does it feel in – your knees /  your lower back / your shoulders. Do they pain noticeably?
  4. Frequent Heartburns / Acidity?
  5. Fatigue / impatience/irritability

I do not wish to act as a health professional but I strongly believe that health science evolved based on human experiences. So the basics of health lies in us being able to hear what our body wants to tell us. Listen to it. Take rest, if it asks you to. Eat / sleep / work – as per your body’s expectations. Put yourself in a routine.

Take care of yourself. Stay healthy. Stay blessed. Dont forget your glass of milk tonight before you go to sleep!!!

Please do share your experiences – specially if you start drinking milk today onwards and comment on what effects you see on yourself.


4 thoughts on “Get healthy in 1 step…really!!

  1. True about the milk habit !! other day I was reading an article about the guys aged>90 and participating in marathons regularly, they all vouch their health to nothing but drinking milk daily .. Good that I am at least doing one thing right 🙂 . Nice article!

  2. Trust me, I know the heartbreak of “hairfall” ;). Fortunately, as a male, I have the societally acceptable opportunity to shave it all off… and do :).

    There’s a lot of interesting details in your story, and I think you are very much on to something with the consumption of a little milk to help with calcium and healthy fats (or use yogurt/kefir if straight milk is problematic). One thing I would strongly encourage anyone to do, regardless of the choice of food, is to consume the whole product in its closest to normal state as possible. For me, that means I aim to drink whole milk and eat whole yogurt. I’ve also tried to get far away from “Reduced Fat” or “Diet” anything. Eat it whole (when possible) eat it raw (when possible, pasteurized milk is worth the slight nutrient loss, IMO), eat it as unprocessed as you can.

    I personally have found that this shift has helped me tremendously. I’ve lost almost 70 pounds doing this, and it has given me a better appreciation for the foods that I do eat. Removing refined sugars, artificially saturated fats, and limiting my intake of animal proteins (I am an omnivore, but I eat considerably less meat now than I used to) has made a big difference. It’s also allowed me to savor the food I eat and actually taste it. There is a world of difference between skim and whole fat milk. If you shift to skim, but end up drinking two to three times the amount to get the same satiation, you’re not really saving much, and are in fact increasing the milk sugars you consume by a greater factor than the fats you are not consuming.

    As we get older, our metabolism and body needs change. What worked for us in our teens and twenties won’t work as well in our thirties, and will definitely cause problems in our forties and beyond. We all need to be aware of our changing bodies and work with them where they are right now, not where they were twenty years ago or even how we wished they would be. Sounds like you are making great strides to get that balance back, and I wish you well on your continued efforts. Feel free to message me any time if you’d like to talk more about this :).

  3. glad you are finally prioritising taking care of your health! keep it up, remain healthy!

  4. Smitha – as much as you would give time for your body, it’s important that you also lead a stress-free (reduced) life style. In the rat race most of us tend to ignore the aspects of a healthy mind & body. Good that you realized this in good time. Take care & stay blessed.

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