And I thought I had time….

I have forever been intrigued with the ways Jerry Weinberg’s thought. James Bach introduced his existence to me. I looked up his name. I got impressed. End of story.

Every now and then I would read his work. And feel a pull to his ways of thinking. People in testing world specially, quote him left, right and center.  Let me tell you something about me, before I go further in my story – I love talking to creative and sharp minds. Minds that are so logical that nothing can beat them and yet humane in their own way – I feel instantly connected with them in some karmic ways. And then I just want to talk to them, know them more and learn from them.

As destiny would have it – Over the next few years, his name just grew on my mind. I saw his mention and work so much all around that I decided to meet him. (More so, because most of his work can not be defeated by some anti – theory). When I started to make my bridge towards him, people all around told me – he doesn’t travel around anymore for health reasons. But I wanted to see him in real like face 2 face and interview him- not just hear him like I hear him on some youtube video. I wanted to watch how his eyes move, how his expressions change, when he smiles, what raises his brows. In short – Wanted to understand him in my own unique way.

So I reached out to him, asking if I could do a video call with him- that was in May 2016. He immediately said yes and infact said that he would love to do it. Being in different time zones, our times would never match – he was old (sleeping and waking hours thing) and I am a working mother of 2 growing kids. After some tries of different permutation ad combination on timings, I got busy with more bread n butter related work and my desire to do the video call with Jerry got pushed towards rear in the ever humongous queue of my to-do.

A couple of days later – I receive an email from Jerry, saying – Did you recv my response about possible times for a call? I didnt hearback from you.

Ahhhh….I was like – ooopppsssss- told him, I was still struggling with a match for our times and that I will figure out something soon.


Later that day – he mentioned the time and date best for him. I was very happy that day – because firstly it seemed a leader like Jerry was interested in talking to me and secondly, he did take time out of his busy schedule and inform me. So, I was all set. Technically, nothing was pending for this call to happen. But it didnt.

I spent another month or so before I remembered I had to schedule this. Towards end of July, when summer vacation for my kids were over and I could work more hours, I again wrote to him that maybe we could do the call now.
He responds back a day later – says, he is hoping we can do it and that he is looking forward to it.Jerry2

And it again didn’t happen. I had the go ahead, available time-slots known but I still didn’t schedule it right away. As it happens to every one – it happened to me too – I got immersed into 20 other “critical” work. Every now and then the thought would come to me and I used to think – its fine, I will do it soon. I HAVE TIME.

For almost 2 yrs. 7/22/2016 to 8/7/2018 I thought I had time, only to realise today, that I dont have Jerry now. With all the time that I have for the rest of my life, I wont get to do something that was so close to my heart.

Jerry – I will miss you and your ways. But like a true teacher, even when leaving us, you taught me a lesson in it.

I realized today I DON’T HAVE TIME.

The places I need to see on this planet – needs to be done today. Atleast get started with the list of places and timelines and plans to visit them.

The People I need to meet, hug, interview, know better, be friends with, click selfies with – has to happen today  – whatever little we can begin with. Whoever I can start with.

The money I wish to make – has to be made today. Atleast I need to start making some of it today.

The Fame I want through the influence / impact I shall have, need to be to built today. Atleast the beginning of it.

I have always wanted to make world a better place. I started Fandoro, with that thought in my mind. I encourage people to perform  Individual Social Responsibility through meaningful gifting on our platform. On an average 2-3 new NGOs register daily on this platform . But the need for help and support is too high. And I need to add more enterprises in my kitty per day, whose employees contribute towards these NGO needs and make this world a better place. I havent been doing it with utter sincerity. But I do dream of a successful  startup – Fandoro Technologies Pvt Ltd- EVERYDAY.

All of my procrastination ends today with Jerry’s last teaching to me – There is no time to do all I wish to in this life. I need to work on NGOs and Enterprises – EVERYDAY.

We will miss you Jerry. But your teachings will forever enlighten our mind and guide our paths.

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