What can you do for earth?

Just had quick thoughts exchanges with a fellow group member on my facebook group – “Common Sense Meets Sustainability” basis climate situation in Australia. It seemed to me, that he is overwhelmed due to the size of the problem.


Let me share some tips with you, so you still have hope and you dont give up. Because things will only change if every single one of us is committed.

Remember – there is no planet B. No one else is working somewhere in some corner who will suddenly save us from the devastation. We have to save our planet. Everyday. In every act of ours.

Here are some tips for you – first and foremost, learn about sustainable development goals. Agenda 2030 is a beautiful framework which if we achieve, our planet will be on the path of course correction. Try and follow these –

1. Measure your carbon footprint and water footprint and optimize them. And what you cannot reduce, then, offset carbon emissions appropriately.

2. Be consistent and start giving towards a specific SDG. Not just random donation. Find a good non profit or social initiative that is doing good work. Support them by giving your time, in kind, cash….any help they need and that you can give.

3. Measure the space. Watch the growth. Know what will make an impact. How much will make an impact. Mobilize your resources and people in your network to also work on some SDG in a focused way.


4. Be mindful of little nuances. Packaging, sourcing, disposal, end of product lifecycle….support responsible businesses.

Hope this helps. If there is any doubt in your mind, I am willing to help. Even for individual cases. You can reach out to me at sm@fandoro.com to understand how you can bring a change.
Look at the volunteer calendar at Fandoro.com and contribute your time and effort to these initiatives.

Hope this helps… remember this is our only  home and our chance.

One thought on “What can you do for earth?

  1. We should mainly focus on basic needs of people like food & clothes. Health also added be here. Take step for the development of street people, poor children, oldage home, orphanage, handicapped person. If one person take the responsibility of one helpless person then it will be a little success.
    Most of people want to help but they can’t help with financial. So they should help as their capabilities. Also we should focus on green environment. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.
    (~Odisha Msdians Association)

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